7 Habits Successful Men Have in Common

Seven habits that successful men all have in common

If you’re wanting to be more successful, ensure you make the following habitual

Whether you want to be a CEO, leader, business owner, actor, musician or athlete, the most successful men have become that way thanks to the habits they’ve developed through their lives.

You can have all the intelligence or natural talent in the world, but what really makes success is the consequence of the habits we instil in our daily lives.

Here’s a look at seven habits that will help you on your way to becoming more successful.


Regardless of what you determine as ‘success’ and how successful you wish to become, without organisation you are not getting anywhere at all.

If there is one habit more important than the rest, it is organisation.

'Get shit done' sign on desk with Apple laptop
Photo by Minh Pham

Whether that’s mapping out your daily tasks on your phone, prioritising chores/ tasks or managing your time, you’ll need this to ensure your day is as productive as it can be.

There are endless benefits to being organised, but if you have no plan or direction for your day, how are you possibly going to go about being ‘successful’ that day, week, month, or even… ever?

Early mornings

No grumbling. Early mornings are perfect for setting up a productive day.

Oversleeping can lead to a sluggish start and wasting time checking your phone leads to getting too comfortable staying in your comfort zone.

Early morning sunrise over mountains
Photo by Jordan Wozniak

Once awake, get up immediately and put your focus on having breakfast, showering and getting dressed before tackling your day ahead.

That goes for weekends just as much as your working week.


It’s important that you always consider your goals and what you want to achieve, when you’ve got the opportunity to be sidetracked by someone or something.

Perhaps it’s going for a few drinks with friends, a weekend away or the opportunity to cut work short and go home early? Consider what impact that will have on what you want to achieve.

Guy shows of his muscles in the gym
Photo by John Fornander

Weigh up the benefits of whatever distraction that may be and that of your ultimate goals – often enough the short-term perks of distractions don’t outdo what you want to be successful with, in the long-term.

Staying disciplined with your attitude, actions and outlook are vital in becoming successful.


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” couldn’t be more true.

You can have all the knowledge and know-how, but sometimes the difference between getting your dream job or opportunity can be based on your contacts.

Professional networks like LinkedIn are perfect for this, but there’s nothing better than getting to meet someone in person and share insights and experiences with one another.

It’s amazing how much one person can change your fortunes so much – whether that’s through their career, experiences or contacts. Networking is the gateway to a greater future.


Seriously. Just give yourself as little as five minutes a day to recharge and cut away from all daily stresses and demands of modern day life.

Guy meditating on a rock by the sea
Photo by Afonso Coutinho

We often don’t realise how much pressure we put on ourselves, both mentally and physically, but it’s important that we take care of our health and wellness.

Results won’t appear immediately, but over time you will notice that cutting loose for very short periods of time each day can do wonders for de-stressing, maintaining happiness and allowing ourselves to relax.


Less novels and more non-fiction. Autobiographies, biographies, self-help and educational books are great ways to add knowledge and perspective to our lives.

It’s easy to get lost in our own thoughts and outlooks on life, based on our personal experiences. But reading biographies and autobiographies can add valuable perspectives and outlooks on life that could change the way we think.

Man reading book and drinking coffee in front of Apple laptop
Photo by Chris Benson

Additionally, reading educational books can help us to develop skills and knowledge in the areas that specifically matter to us individually, as people and in our careers.


Commitment could fit in anywhere onto this list, and it’s certainly not the least important habit.

As is the case in every walk of life, it won’t always be easy and our mental strength and desire will be tested.

But staying committed in every area of our lives is vital to ensure consistency and staying on track to meet our goals and deliver results.

It’s no good being committed to the cause as and when we feel like it. That won’t allow us to become the successful men we desire to be.

If you’ve made it this far, seriously consider how you can implement these habits daily, if you’re not doing so early.

Let us know in the comments below about any other habits you believe are vital in order to be successful.

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