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10 Reasons You Need To Ditch Your ‘Home Gym’ For A Real Gym

10 reasons why home workouts just simply are not good enough

If you’re serious about your health and fitness goals, your home workouts just aren’t enough

We’ve all seen the guy who ‘dramatically’ changed his physique by doing 100 press-ups at home for a month. But if you’re after more than a toned upper body, sorry, you’re going to have to get out of the house.

There are endless excuses for why people chose home workouts over the gym – reading clickbait articles, being sucked in by glorified and misleading fitness regimes and, most commonly, laziness…

But while there is plenty to benefit from working out from home – I’m not saying you won’t – if you’re serious about developing and living a consistently healthier lifestyle and building a better physique, circuits in front of your sofa won’t be enough.

Let’s run through 10 reasons signing up to the gym will take your fitness goals to the next level:

Surrounded by people with similar goals

One person’s fitness goals are going to vary from the next but, ultimately, you are all after the same thing: to get fitter and be healthier.

If you’ve never really committed to the gym before, you’ll be surprised how just being surrounded by like-minded people in the gym can push you on to run faster, push harder and move quicker.

Especially on days where we lack motivation (we all have them!), being in a gym environment can be what we need to get us over the line rather than packing it all in and crashing out on the sofa.

Take working out more seriously

Can you honestly say that if you worked out from home that you’d give the same effort and apply yourself in the same way as if you made the effort to go to the gym?

Man does gym workout
Photo by John Fornander

Once you’re at the gym, you’re more likely to work harder and less likely to give up as you’ve made the effort to turn up.

We are also less likely to want to be seen giving in when surrounded by other gym members.


Full-time work/ education, chores and other commitments can make socialising and meeting new people a tough ask.

So what better way to get to know new people by getting fit and taking care of your health at the same time?

Socialising isn’t just confined to the pub, and it could be a great opportunity to find a gym buddy who can help you push yourself to bigger weights and better cardio results than what you would at home alone.

More room, less damage

Unless money isn’t an object, then chances are you don’t have a big enough home or the equipment to kit yourself out for a serious workout.

It’s no fun working out in a confined space and especially if your floors are carpeted – making it uneven and potentially not safe. Never mind the chances of knocking over a TV or breaking something…


It doesn’t matter if you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, everyone suffers a lapse of motivation from time to time.

Man pushing power sled at the gym
Photo by John Fornander

But working out in a gym surrounded by people pushing to achieve their goals and working hard will be enough to keep you going and at least get over the line with your workout.

Do you honestly have someone at home who is going to really push you to improve and keep you motivated for every workout? Most likely not.

Better equipment, better body

You may have spent hundreds, or even thousands, on gym equipment to save you a membership fee, but is it really enough?

What about aiming for a higher weight, but you don’t have it? Or need a different attachment or piece of equipment that you don’t own? You’re pretty stuck.

True, not every piece of equipment is essential – as this varies from gym to gym – but it’s almost certain your own equipment will not allow you to perform a wide enough variety of exercises to perfect your physique.

Good for your mental health

Aside from the physical benefits, it’s also great for your mental health to spend time in a different environment, surrounded by people you would perhaps not otherwise meet.

It’s all too easy to go to work and then go home and not leave the house for the rest of the day. But the variation of scenery can be good to avoid a stale mindset and have your mind occupied on something other than work or home life.

Too easy to give up

Like briefly mentioned before, it’s all too easy to give in when no one else is watching and you’ve got that packet of biscuits staring at you in the corner of your eye.

Remove yourself from the comfort of your home and all things around your house that could prove to be a poor influence on your performance and that overall fitter and healthier lifestyle you want to lead.

Get out of the house

Doesn’t it just seem nice to get out of the house rather than mope around at home, thinking about all those chores waiting for you?

Guy on running machine in the gym
Photo by Rohit Reddy

Of course, sometimes a home workout could be convenient if you’ve got a lot of things going on. However, workouts should be getting your sole focus, and ringing phones, knocks on the door and other distractions are far from ideal.

Less disruptive

So many people have too long a rest between sets in the gym – watching what others are doing or checking their phones.

Imagine how much worse that would be if they were doing that at home.

Getting in the gym is the perfect time for you to solely focus on your workout, as you are simply there for that very reason.

So if you’ve been considering signing up to the gym but have yet to do so, consider one thing:

Are you really that serious about your fitness and health in 2020 that you’ll happily avoid signing up for a gym membership?

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