11 Habits For A Productive Day

Get the most out of your day with these 11 useful tips

Maximise how much you achieve each day with these useful tips

Whether you’re looking to be more successful in your career, hobbies or simply wanting to maximise what you get done in a day, whatever it is, these 11 habits are essential.

Your heart might be in the right place, but perhaps your head less so? It’s very easy to say what we’re going to do and achieve, but acting upon it can be a different matter.

If you’re in need of a few tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your day, read on:

Wake up early

So simple, yet so crucial in having a productive day. Don’t underestimate the importance of waking up at a reasonable time and getting straight on with your day.

You don’t need to be getting up at 5am or 6am. Just ensure you’re not oversleeping and procrastinating on your phone before you leave your bed. This will seriously kill the momentum you need to build to start a productive day.

Shower and get ready

Showering and getting dressed first will mean you’re feeling fresh and ready to crack on with your day.

Even consider carefully what you wear – perhaps don’t wear joggers and a sweatshirt, making you feely comfy, if you need to be getting to work on your laptop. Don’t get too cosy or relaxed, which could decrease productivity.

Have breakfast

We hear it time and again, but having breakfast is important to settle your bodies needs for nutrition and hydration and will give you the brain power and physical energy to get on with what will be a busy day.

Breakfast of pastries, orange juice, fruit and coffee

Take on plenty of water and try to opt for a moderate size, healthy breakfast that will leave you feeling full but not too sluggish.

Map out your day

This should happen the evening before, giving you a clear idea of how your day will play out and if there is anything that you need to do in advance.

Having a clear idea of what you’ve got to do and when means you know how long you can spend on each task and also ensure you’re giving yourself regular breaks.

A big problem could be burn out, so consider when you’re going to have a rest, eat and consider if you can rearrange certain tasks in order to maximise efficiency.

Find your work space

Assuming this isn’t work related, you should find the area where you can be most focused and motivated.

For some, this could be at your desk at home, on the sofa, at the dining room table or at a nearby coffee shop.

Guy working in coffee shop

Naturally, certain locations will have some people more motivated than others and it’s important to find yours.

Ensure you won’t be distracted, can easily get food and drinks when you need to, take relaxing breaks and that you have access to everything you may need.

Take short, but regular, breaks

It may sound odd to encourage doing nothing in an attempt to be productive, but regular breaks can allow you to refresh your mind and body.

This could simply be for one minute or five, giving you a chance to take on food or water or stretch your legs. This way you’ll find you can maintain focus rather than long spells without taking a moment for yourself.

Listen to music/ podcast

Listening to your favourite music or podcast can help to keep you motivated or simply shut out background noise that may prove distracting.

Listening to music on Spotify
Photo by Omid Armin

A podcast might help to give you insight or aid you with what you’re trying to work on, or music could simply help to set the mood you’re trying to create while you work on a certain task.

Mute your phone

Phones can be distracting at the best of times, but at least muting your phone and turning off vibrations means you’ll only check your phone when it’s convenient for you.

Don’t allow your phone to cause you to lose focus and slow you down. This is a slippery slope to wasting a lot of time.

Turn off TV

Putting the TV on in the background is more distracting than you first come to realise. Although you may not be watching, you’re still subconsciously taking in what is going on.

In some circumstances this may be useful for what you’re doing but, as a general rule, this is an easy way of getting distracted and will not benefit your productivity.

Work in a local cafe

While finding your work space is suggested, a cafe/ coffee shop would be strongly recommended and its no coincidence so many people go there to work.

The vast majority of coffee shops will have charging ports for you to keep your laptops, phones, tablets etc fully charged and often free wifi.

Being around other people can also be oddly satisfying when you’re trying to work also, meaning you feel less alienated than you would if you were home alone.

It will also remove the other distractions you may face when at home.

Run errands the day before

There is no productivity killer bigger than having to do half a dozen small, tedious tasks that you could have quite easily done at an earlier date.

If you’re planning on working towards your goals and doing the best job of it, you’re not going to be able to do so with plenty of other tasks on your plate.

Get as many of these out of the way beforehand or decide how many of those can realistically wait for another day.

Hopefully these 11 habits will allow you to enjoy productive days consistently and progress you further in both your personal and professional life.

Try these habits out, where relevant, over the course of a month and take note of how much your productivity has changed.

Let us know in the comment box below how you’ve implemented the above and the results you’re seeing.

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