5 Essential Dating Profile Photos Guys Need

Five essential dating profile photos that will help you on your way to more matches and, ultimately, more dates.

Increase your dating app success with these essential profile photos

Whether you’ve been a long-term user of dating apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble, or are just starting out, it’s essential your photos give the best impression of yourself as possible.

You can forget about all your wit and humour, charm and charisma, money and success, if you can’t showcase a few images of yourself that are going to get that girl or guy to swipe right or ‘like’ you in the first place.

If you’re just about to start out on dating apps, great. However, if you’re currently out there looking to connect with new people and not including these photos on your profile, then you’re probably doing yourself a disservice.

So let’s take a look at what you can do to portray yourself in the best light and, hopefully, get you more matches and dates.


Perhaps you’ve been to a wedding, graduation ceremony or another formal event that has required you to wear a suit and got a few snaps of the occasion on your phone – make sure they’re included on your profile.

Smiling young man wearing a suit
Photo by Gergő Komporály

It’s undeniable that women love a guy in a suit and it is going to get you off to a great start. Neither do you need an expensive suit or regularly wear your finest garms for this to work.

There’s no guy on the planet who isn’t immediately going to become more handsome wearing a shirt, trousers and blazer – and perhaps a waistcoat if you want to take it to another level.

Pair that with a fresh haircut, accessories like a watch and maybe a pair of sunglasses in the summer months – you’ll really be gaining attention.


Although your dating profile is about portraying yourself in the best light, don’t forget to add a photo of you and a group of friends as well. This will help to show you’re a social person and the kinds of people you associate with.

But make sure you’re selective about which of those you’re going to add. It’s best not to add that picture of the time you and your mates had a beer or two too many at a pub crawl and were walking around with a traffic cone on your head…

Of course, it’s great to show some personality and how you spend your time with your friends, but women aren’t going to be overly impressed by you showcasing obnoxious behaviour.

Show that you’re social, like to have fun and are in good company. You never know… they may end up meeting your friends at some point.


Similar to above, show that you are a fun person to be around and that they will have a good time with you.

Two guys taking on Spartan obstacle course race
Photo by Marc Rafanell López

Maybe it’s the time you dressed as Tommy Shelby for a fancy dress party, or enjoyed lunch at the bottom of a piste on your skiing holiday, maybe even karaoke perhaps..?

Whatever it is, try to stand out and chose a photo that helps to differentiate yourself from the thousands of other men who are also vying for their attention.


You might have all the ingredients to make a cracking dating profile, but don’t just think about looks but also about what you’re photo says about you.

Include a photo that causes them to step up to the plate and be the first to send a message – particularly with Bumble where women have to message first – asking what was the story behind your photo.

Perhaps it’s you in front of an iconic landmark or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, a close up you coaching a local sports club or volunteering at an event.

Whatever it may be, however big or small, try to ensure it provokes conversation and ensures people are stopping by your profile and wanting to message you.


This leads to the final essential image you need on your dating profile – hobbies.

Guy smiling while playing guitar
Photo by 童 彤 

Bios are often limited and don’t give you a lot of space for you to express what makes you who you are and why you’d be compatible with them.

Nor do you want to bore people with talking about your ‘common interests’, such as sport, music, nightclubs, drinking etc.

There’s no problem with them being your interests, but a better way to portray that is through an image rather than words. This will help women to visualise your hobbies.

If art was a hobby of yours, a photo of you drawing or painting someone or something would be engaging – and also intriguing.

These five dating profile photo themes will help to tell a short, visual story of who you are and will hopefully help you to stand out and encourage conversation between yourself and a potential date.

Ensure your profile gives people something to talk to you about and take your dating game to the next level.

If you don’t have endless pictures of yourself, make sure the next time you’re out socialising that you get a few photos or even grab a friend to go out and take some pictures for you in different settings and wearing something that positively represents who you are.

Don’t shy away from getting new and exciting photos of yourself that could help to set you up for meeting someone special.

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