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Essential Tips To Maintain Or Gain Gym Motivation

Things you need to do in order to make sure you remain committed to your gym sessions

Things you need to do in order to make sure you remain committed to your gym sessions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced, well-sculpted gym goer or a newbie who is still learning the ropes, we all experience lulls in motivation. But it’s important to identify exactly why that’s the case.

Whether it’s about seeing results, fatigue, gym intimidation or a lack of knowledge, don’t let it get in the way of you reaching your goals.

Too often it’s psychologically easier to give up, rather than analyse exactly what is making us skip gym sessions or give up on training altogether.

These tips will help you to maintain your motivation and overcome the physical and mental obstacles that make it so easy for some to give up on their fitness journey before it’s truly started.

Follow fitness influencers

They exist for a reason and they themselves have had to face obstacles along the way in their respective fitness journeys – they weren’t just born with abs, muscles and a slim waistline.

But they’re influencers for a reason and they’re there to motivate the rest of us to continue with our efforts when things get tough.

Don’t get wrapped in how you don’t look like they do, but rather take motivation and inspiration from their lifestyle and their attitudes towards training and dieting. It will be a positive and subconscious influence that will get you thinking in a similar mindset.

Train hard and smart

Training hard and smart will mean that you are gaining the absolute maximum from your sessions and ensuring that your form is spot on and achieving the goals you set out for.

Too often people give half efforts in the gym and don’t apply the right form or make sloppy mistakes that mean results are slower and can cause people to lose motivation quicker when they aren’t seeing change.

Consulting a personal trainer or even a fitness instructor at your gym can help to fix your form and ensure you’re applying maximum effort means results are just around the corner.

Time management

Don’t think that excessive hours in the gym necessarily means bigger and better results. That’s not necessarily true at all.

Spending three hours in the gym, texting, chatting and checking social media, doesn’t compare to an intense session with no distractions.

This is a major factor in people losing motivation as they’re failing to apply themselves in the right manner during their workouts.

Make new friends

If you’re not looking forward to a tiring, sweaty and physically demanding workout, then making friends in the gym can give you that incentive to turn up.

Most of the battle is actually in turning up, then the training often will take care of itself.

Get talking to new people who you can look forward to meeting when you get to the gym and potentially spot them for a few exercises.

Boss your outfits

Got that t-shirt or shirt that looks great but hugs you too tight around the hips? Or the jeans that cause your love handles to be accentuated?

Guy wearing open shirt on the beach
Photo by James Barr

If nothing else, use the gym as a motivation to fit better into your favourite clothes are perhaps go out and buy new and better items that will improve your look ten times over when you see physical improvements.

Second nature

This will come as as consequence of the many other factors, but making the gym a habit, a part of your lifestyle, second nature… it’s a game changer.

No longer will you be considering whether you turn up, how long for and when, but you’ll simply turn up and get it done.

You’ll find fitting the gym into your routine will become more about fitting your routine around the gym. This is a very good habit to have, although it should never become too intrusive into your professional and personal life.


There are so many fitness influencers on YouTube it’d be impossible to list them all, but the likes of Mike Thurston, Zac Perna and Don Saladino are all highly recommended.

Check out a few fitness influencers’ YouTube videos each week to enhance your knowledge, motivate you and inspire.

Sometimes just a quick five or ten minute video is the little pick-me-up you need.

Write down your goals

Arguably the most important point. Write down your goals.

Set out a few broad objectives and some that are more specific and assess how you’re moving closer to those objectives on a monthly basis.

Just casually rocking up for the gym and throwing together a random session is not going to get you far, if anywhere at all.

Integrate into the community

Integrating yourself into your gym community will see you make new friends and feel as though you’re in a more social setting.

How often do you spot groups of gym members going up and speaking to people they clearly see in the gym on a regular basis? Or working out together?

Not everyone goes to the gym with their friends outside of the gym, some make new friends there and it can help with having a positive outlook and mentality towards your fitness regime.

Acknowledge your progress

Big or small, acknowledge all of the progress you make on a weekly and monthly basis. Any progress is better than no progress, and is a step in the right direction.

Guy showing off his abs in the gym
Photo by Anastase Maragos

By noting what’s going well for you will boost your motivation and hopefully even inspire you to work even harder when you realise what you’re capable of achieving.

Don’t just blindly ignore what’s been going well, as it often is quite easy to slip by us, when we see ourselves in the mirror every day, that we’re actually making considerable progress.

Hopefully there are enough tips here in order for you to remain committed and chase your wildest fitness dreams.

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