How Andrew Robertson’s Liverpool Career Trajectory Gives Us All Hope

How Andy Robertson's career trajectory gives great hope for us all

At 18 years old, the Reds left-back was on the verge of entering the world of academia, before then Scottish Third Division side Queen’s Park came to his rescue

Maybe you have, or are currently experiencing, a metaphorical crossroads, leading you to question your self worth or ability to achieve a certain goal – or, in fact, you believing that others don’t believe so either.

It’s inevitable that we all will question ourselves at some point in our lives, most likely so in our younger years where we’re attempting to find our feet and our path in life.

Perhaps you left university full of confidence that you had a degree to your name, gained plenty of experience in the industry you wished to enter and then fell flat on your face when you were repeatedly rejected?


Maybe you’ve built up a lot of experience and a significant amount of success in your career already and are confident that you can step up to the next level?

There’s no frustration greater than having confidence in your own ability, but that not being reflected by those whose opinions really matter.

It was exactly the same for Liverpool and Scotland left-back, Andrew Roberston.


It’s hard to believe, given that he has helped the Reds to win their sixth Champions League Crown, the UEFA Super Cup, and Club World Cup all since May 2019.

However, being released at 15 by his boyhood club, Celtic, resulted in him preparing for university life before Queen’s Park showed faith in the youngster by promoting him to the first team for the start of the 2012/13 season.

And it’s fair to say that the Scotsman hasn’t looked back since, joining Dundee United for a single season before moving to the dreamland of the Premier League with Hull City.

Andrew Robertson in action for Scotland

It certainly wasn’t all plain sailing for Robertson – suffering relegations from the Premier League, either side of a promotion from the Championship with the Tigers.


In the space of six years, the left-back went from signing for Dundee United, to reaching two Champions League finals, being named Scotland captain and winning three different European trophies.

In dark, tough moments it can be easy to forget how quickly things can change for the better, as has been proven here.

So, the next time you find yourself feeling down, lacking confidence, just remind yourself of Robertson’s story and how quickly a few years can see your fortunes change dramatically.

Andrew Robertson with Champions League final medal after Liverpool win

Don’t be hasty

The 25-year-old isn’t any exception to anyone else – just proof that we shouldn’t be too quick to give up on our ambitions and goals because we don’t see immediate results.

Everyone will take different paths and some will achieve success faster than others, but never giving in because we don’t see immediate results remains clear.

Robertson came so close to waving away a full-time career in football as opportunities didn’t immediately present themselves. Now he’s living the dream at the very highest level.

Keep this in mind the next time you consider giving it all up.

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